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Try these tasty Tayberry flavored CBD Gummies packed full of fiber and probiotics

These natural Tayberry flavored Fuzeberry gummies are designed to promote healthy bones, increase immune system function and provide an excellent source of essential Vitamin D3 in each delicious serving.

CBD FuzeBerries is a complete formula that delivers a synergistic blend of powerful CannaFuse™, Bacillus coagulans probiotics, and predietary fiber for optimal digestive health and total body balance and wellness. 30 gummies per bottle.

About CannaFuse™ 
Powered by unique nanotechnology, CannaFuse™ is a full spectrum hemp essential oil complex containing naturally occurring, non-psychoactive phytocannbinoids such as Cannabidiol (CBD) and over 75 botanical terpenes.

Suggested Use: Chew one gummy daily.


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