Nutralife Wellness Calming Relief Cream – 100mg


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Our Calming Relief Cream was Nutralife Wellness’ first foray into really testing our in-house formulator to make more than just your average cream sprinkled with some hemp oil. What we got back from this tall order was more than we could have ever expected – it is truly the best all-natural cream on the market for everyday discomforts. As a company, we seek to be more than just evangelists for hemp products, but also true advocates for pushing the health and wellness industry as a whole forward.

The key to our Calming Relief Cream is in the details. Being longtime personal users of hemp extract creams, we were surprised to find how many topicals either just sat on top of the skin without absorption, or went straight into the bloodstream. Both are less than ideal as a vessel for hemp’s essential constituents. After extensive R&D and trials over 100+ ingredients, we finally arrived at the cream we were proud to put our name on.

Below you will see how our handpicked ingredients harmoniously weave together to deliver the true muscle relief and recovery you have always looked for in a hemp cream. Relieving is believing.

This product contains no parabens, polysorbates, or artificial emulsifiers. It is soy-free, gluten-free, naturally derived and made with organic ingredients.